Kolkata day 4

Oh man day 4 is here but not much stuff to talk about. So today it is gonna be short and sweet 😉

Well, in this new guest house I didn’t wake up too early. There was less light and almost no chirping of birds. Day started well with DD1 playing an interview with Gulzar saab. Also, the guys prepared a real good breakfast; aalu poori. So after filling my tummy properly I left for the office and was there in around 20 minutes. It was a wet day in Kolkata and was drizzling almost for the whole day. I continued with the regular dose of tea every 3 hours :D. In such a weather tea becomes even more important :D.

In the evening, I had planned to meet an old friend. He planned for a dinner at Arsalan, a very famous Mughlai restaurant. We had some kebabs & special biryani in the dinner. His house was pretty far from the place we had dinner at. So he needed to leave for home in time. For me also, it was the time to catch a taxi and get back to the guest house. It was great catching up with him after long time.

So that is the gist of what I did on Day 4 in Kolkata 🙂

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  1. good hai ji

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