Okay…here we go with day 3 😉 and I think I am doing a real good job :D.

Like yesterday, today again I was up at 6. Killed some more time in bed and finally got up at 7. It was a holiday for me so there was plenty of time for some site seeing. Started calling few contacts but nothing worked out. One dude, who I thought was here, had already gone back to Delhi. Another friend was busy in some house hold stuff (he is married actually :D). So I thought about planning something on my own. There were few good places that I could visit and I had to meet one of my ex manager and a good friend too. He is getting married on 10th of this month. I probably won’t be able to attend the marriage so it was the best time to meet him. So I asked the guest house guys to book a cab for me. The cab was there in an hour. I had my breakfast and left for the city. Visited a mall to buy a gift and then left for Victoria Memorial. If you aren’t aware what it is, Wiki comes to rescue 😉

The Victoria Memorial, officially the Victoria Memorial Hall, is a memorial building dedicated to Victoria, Queen of the United Kingdom and Empress of India, which is located in Kolkata, India – the capital of West Bengal and a former capital of British India. It currently serves as a museum and a tourist attraction. It is an autonomous organization within the Government of India’s Ministry of Culture.

It is a really beautiful example of architectural excellence. There was lot of interesting stuff related to history; old pictures, weapons and other information displayed as text or paintings. I spent more than an hour over there enjoying the old beauty. After that I had a glimpse of Hugli bridge,  Howrah bridge, High Court, Raj Bhawan and few other places.

Finally I left to meet my friend. He was staying at his in laws house for preparation of some music item he needs to do before marriage :).  It was really nice to see him after so long; may be 2-3 years, I think. Had some Bengali sweets there and left for the guest house.

The guest house guys had already told me that they will be shifting me to a new guest house. So I packed my bags and left for the new guest house. So here I am writing this post ;). Just like any other new place, feeling bit strange here. Another issue is that no set top box with TV, they have got some local cable rather. So not many Hindi/Punjabi channels here :(. Lets see how the coming three days go. I seriously hope that I will be writing day 4 as well :D.

& oh yes it is feeling bit cold here. Don’t know why. May be it is some other part of the city :D.