Kolkata day 1

I am almost bored to death and got nothing better to do than to write a post :D. So lets get going 😉 .Today morning, I came to Kolkata on a official trip. It was an early morning flight at 7 AM so that required me to get up at 4 AM. Really tough shit to handle, in this weather especially. Anyway, I managed to do that somehow ;). The starting was not so brilliant as someone switched off the power to the refrigerator and the milk got screwed up. So that means no tea for me :(. Well, digested that shock and left for the airport. And oh boy there was more in the stock. The taxi got punctured. Another 15 minutes down the drain. Driver changed the tyre and started moving towards the airport. The flight had to depart from the new terminal T3 and there is a different route to the new terminal. The driver took some other way and said that we can go from here too. We had moved a km at the max and found that there was a traffic jam…oh yes baby traffic jam at 6 in the morning ;). So he took back from there (wrong side…) and took another way.

Finally reached the airport in time and was able to check in, get security check done and board the flight, everything in time. No breakfast was included in the ticket price. I thought about having a tea. Well ordered that and man believe me…it was the most pathetic tea I had in months.

And early morning flights are full of laziness. People hardly talk, most of them are half asleep ;). I too, after some time put on my earphones and played tumhe dillagi bhool jani paregi. What a relief! Overall the flight was pretty good. The take off was real smooth but landing was bit crappy. The plane touched the ground like a stone and the pilot applied the brakes as if plane was going to fall off some planet’s corner :D. Well, investigating the wrong area probably, so should leave it here.

I got my luggage and started waiting for the taxi. It took around one hour or so to reach the workplace at Park Street and spent the whole day there. I had no breakfast so was eagerly waiting for the lunch time. Everyone told me that Park Street is a real good area and there should be many good eating joints. There was one called Shiraaz nearby and I enjoyed bhuna chicken & afghani naan :D. In the evening after getting free, I had a round of Park Street but it looked like bit closed. Also being alone, it was not much fun. Finally landed at the guest house and had good cup of tea which really helped in giving the body the much needed energy. Had that cup been not there, this post would never come :P.

Few things that attracted eyes; traffic situation is almost same as Delhi, lots of time gets wasted due to traffic jams. Traffic police and waiters wear white color uniform, totally unfit for the kind of job they do. Also the yellow taxis are all around, somewhat like autos in Delhi. To a bit of my surprise, pretty good number of people speak and understand reasonably good Hindi.

So that was the story of the whole day. Just had my dinner and these guys made really good daal, aalu gobhi & roti. He asked for the trademark fish n rice but I am feeling bit cold’ish so decided to settle for standard daal roti & the dinner was real good.

Enough for day 1, I think and now the time to end this post. Let us see if there comes any part 2, 3 or so :D.

And oh yes, any suggestions for good places to visit in Kolkata are welcome 😉

BTW Calcutta was such a beautiful name. Why did the change it to Kolkata. May be due to the Ooo’ization Bengalis do of everything 😛 (no offence intended).


  1. Tu haale v ‘good places to visit’ bhaalda…. Tainu mai facebook te… chat te… enia jagah dassia ne Kolkata vich… pehla othe te ghumm lai… fer baaki jagah v dhakke khaa lavi !!

  2. Abe photo shoto to dalta .. bhuna chicken dhekte Aur muh mein paani aa jata hahaha .. good post ..

  3. wah Sidhu saab, Bengal pahunch gaye, been there in K’kata to fix my broken bones when I was like 7 yrs old. Dad was stationed in Panagarh, a small army cantt.

    I can share my 20 yr old experience, and guess nothing would interest you :D.

    I enjoyed travelling on Tram in those days, dont know if Hawrah bridge still operates, that is like the lifeline, you will find everything there, The zoo was good, Victoria Memorial, planetarium, cross the Hugli on boat.

    chal take care enjoy

    enjoy life

    • oh man…you remember a lot…couldnt visit zoo…as i am all alone and it would be terribly boring. Watched Victoria Memorial yesterday.

  4. aaho aaho pata iphoon te google map ne tere kole, ‘my iphone’ keh k emphasis den di ni lod bahli :-p . Naale main search kar reha c, ‘kinda’ kithon da word aa? Lajpat nagar chubara no 3 da ?:-p patte angreji de wadde!

    Chhadd pare places nu te koi Bipasha , Tanushree labh te naal lai aa, tera viah karwaiye. Oh sunu Robindro te tuun suni Nusrat wah wah 😀 .

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