Masooma Anwar

Few days ago, while going through some videos on youtube i came across a song ve asan tainu ki aakhna by Masooma Anwar. Oh boy what a voice ! She is studying MBBS and taking up singing along with the studies.


Then she renders legendary Reshma’s ve main chori chori


Such a soulful voice. Totally reminds me of Reshma. There are other videos of her as well. Another superb performance is kalaam-e-Iqbal


Totally stunning performances !!!

Wishing her all the best. We have another voice like Reshma ! (I don’t mean to have any comparison)


  1. bai ji ghaint aa….aaha chori chori tan meesha shafi di waaj ch v jachia si

  2. Sidhu Jee, This program is just on on PTV and after hearing her, I just googled and found your post… Kamaal di awwaz hey… Mazaa aa gaya…

  3. Meesha Shafi di awaz barhi zabadast aa per Masooma Anwer di awaz which Reshman day gaunrhay sunrh ke te Reshaman di yaad taaza ho jandi aa. Masoom’s miracle is that she has brought famed Reshman right befoe us with her immortal voice. Masooma has not only inherited the same voice from her legendary mother but also has full control on wordings and a’gayeki” of the poetry she sings. I viewed her programme “Virsa” ON PTV Home and it was mervellous.

  4. Ji. Indeed. Her voice is so different from the normal female voices. It immediately reminds you of Reshma’s voice.

    BTW she is not Reshma’s daughter.

    • Thanks for correcting my information. Her style, her voice is so similar to late legend Reshman that I mistook her to be Reshman’s daughter. As said I saw her on PTV Home programme ‘Virsa” and there was some mention of late Reshman. But later when I saw her page on Facebook, I saw her parents particularly her mother who had no likeness at all with the late Pakistani lady singer of the folk, so I wondered whether I heard wrong on the PTV. But her style, her voice is so surprisingly similar to Reshman that I got confused. Anyway thanks once again for your correction.
      In this context, I would also like to draw attention of your readers to another song again of the great Sufi poet, a godly man, a saint from the land of the five rivers Baba Syed Bulleh Shah Ji. I’m talking of late Jagmohan Kaur who many years earlier sang this poetry “Ni maen kamli aan.“
      Masooma has done full justice to Baba Ji’s poetry, as perfectly as Jagmohan Kaur as well as another Pakistani singer Hadeeqa Kiyani who also sang this in Coke Studio. I do not want to compare these three because all three have done their best and hence deserve our maximum accolade.

  5. Ji. bilkul. Hadiqa’s rendition in Coke Studio was almost the same composition as Jagmohan Kaur’s.

    Masooma has sung differently. She has got such a unique voice.

    Was playing this one. What a voice !!!

  6. Dr voice is God gifted. These are the heroes to make Alive our versus.

  7. great singer of pakistan

  8. Listening to her for the first time and totally enthralled! Will be following!

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