I was browsing through The Times of India website and came across a link to a video of a performance by Abida Parveen at a recent Aman ki Asha concert. I had already seen this video many times but this time more than the video, a comment caught my attention. Quoting here the same:

Roopa, bangalore, says: OMG what a horrible singer with horrible voice.. Somebody without training could sing better then her….

Nothing much to say. vichari poor soul…she doesn’t even know what she is talking about. God bless her that she, sometime in future understands what Abida Parveen means to music and its lovers across the globe.


  1. Oh My God! 🙁

  2. artists all over the world are terrorized by ignorant people 😀

  3. Goli maro eho je banauti yar nu 🙂

  4. Sheesh! Thatz too much! Y did she even bother to leave a comment if she did nt like it!

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