While dealing with anything remotely related to money, the last thing i like to do is going to bank.  Most of the time, i try to do it online but some things are such that there is no other way out. One of my friend and his wife had to get their US visa stamped and he asked me to go to HDFC bank and get the receipts after paying the visa fees. I have done it before also. So it was not expected to be a big deal. Just go to HDFC bank, fill the form, submit the cash required and get it. But when God wants some adventure in your life 😉 there pops out some way of making you have it. I went to HDFC bank and asked that lady about it. First she uttered something while giving those forms (Thanks to those beautiful looking glass windows with holes of size of  the  eye of a sparrow, you can hardly understand what they speak). Then she said that they have stopped taking cash for this and you have to pay through cheque or Demand Draft (DD). So i asked (on some different counter)  if i can get DD made by paying cash ? He said NO; you need to have an account in HDFC bank. After all the beauty it was time to leave and postpone it to tomorrow.

But after getting back to office, i checked with another bank if they could make it by cash and thank God the answer was YES. So it was all set for tomorrow as half of the stuff would get done here itself. So i totalled the amount (Visa Fees & HDFC bank charges) and got 2 DDs done (for 2 people).

Today was the next wonder day to go to HDFC bank. So i reached there, with a fear in mind that now she will say that you need to get 1 DDs each for Visa fees and HDFC bank charges. This total thing was of no use. The same thing happened. So those hard worked DDs were of no use and a new strategy was required. So i called one of my friend to come with his cheque book of ICICI bank (He will bring his cheque book to office was a pre-planned stuff, due to the above fear 😉 ). So he also reached and started the process for new DDs. To add icing on the cake, ICICI bank’s software went slow (or some similar crap) and it took more than an hour to get it done. Finally we went back to HDFC bank and THANK GOD it was all right. There i was with 2 receipts, after so much of hard work !

Then to release some frustration we had a Cappuccino at Cafe Coffee Day 😉 .