I have almost always hated going to doctors, be it a small clinic or some big hospital. I always try to avoid it till last when there is no other option left. Then also, i would prefer to go to some clinic where a doctor sits and checks the patients rather then going to some multi-story hospital where there are more doctors and assistants than patients. Otherwise also, i am not very fond of royal lifestyle. But as i said when there is no option left, one has to take the call. Today was something like that only. I was having flu’ish, cough’ish and bit of fever’ish feeling since morning. Due to the viral attack these days, thought about going to some doctor in the evening. There is a good doctor in the locality. So i thought about going to him. Never knew it was a golden season for doctors, i reached there anddddd his clinic was full like an over-loaded train. I just got my name noted by his assistant and came back home to go after 1 hour or so. I went again after 1 and 1/2 hour but again had to wait for almost 30 minutes for my turn. Finally i got my turn. He asked few questions and started writing the medicines. Man he was going on and on and on. Finally after making 5 entries; few tablets, capsules and a syrup he stopped. Then he also asked to get a Blood & Urine test done tomorrow (one more worry to be taken care of 🙁 ). So after all this game, here i am writing this post and medicines on my left side asking for attention 🙁 .

PS: Oh yes, why this title ? Actually when i went for the first time and his assistant noted my name, i asked how long i have to wait ? He said may be 1 hour or so. There are 31 people before you. So ideally i was 32nd in the queue but 31st just looks a bit fancy so i chose 31 😉