Since evening, all the news channels on idiot box TV are talking about Rakhi ka Swayamvar. Anyways there is no fun in talking about the credibilioty of the news channels as since so long all of them have become money making businesses rather than what we call as “constructive journalism”. If we leave 2 or 3 English news channels, all others are in such a horrible condition that they need to be sent off air immediately. Now talking about so called entertainment, things like Rakhi ka Swayamvar are just crossing all the limits. Is marriage such kind of entertainment that it should be shown on the TV ? And how successful marriage arranged like this is going to be ? I just watched the TV for 10 minutes and was just wondering how big the arrangements are and parents of participants are also there. One lady saying to another “shayad aaj tum saasu maan ban-ne wali ho”… what the heck shayad ? The participants, their family members…man they all appear to be so stupid…waiting for all this.

Isn’t the media being just too cheap to earn some bucks ?