The complete title of the post is We Indians…

Most of the time there are cars parked in front of our apartment and there is very little space to enter the door to stairs. Today when i came back from office and was entering the apartment there was an uncle standing with his back leaning with one of the cars and doing something on his mobile. There was hardly any space left to cross. Me and 2 of my roommates had to cross but that uncle didn’t move a bit but was rather doing left and right to make some space in pretty much ignorance. A thought hit me that how egoistic (or stupid ? ) we Indians are ? Just few of the things i observe almost daily:

  1. The very first thing, the above example. What he would have lost if he had come out to give us some space to cross ? And this is not the only scenario. Its so common in our daily lives.
  2. While entering any office, mall or any other place, if there is a guard or some security staff asking us a question, see how hot our blood gets in fraction of moment whereas they just do their duty.
  3. In our daily lives, just observe how we talk to our maids, servants or the guys working on the shops where we go for getting our daily needs stuff ?
  4. We make a mistake on the road while driving and the other guy says something, how fast we come down to maan…bhain and my uncle is this and that.
  5. Similarly we violate a traffic rule and the traffic policy guy asks us few questions and issues a ticket. How we start making calls to someone sitting on a high post known to us ?

These are just few things that are coming to my mind right now. There would be so many of them. If you can think of some more, please leave a comment.

Then we say that we are the most humble, God fearing blah blah people on this planet. What is this then ?