Today me and my friend travelled in Metro. When we boarded there were no seats so we had to go standing. We looked for a position in a corner. I was feeling sleepy so i came to the opposite door corner to slip into some semi-nap position 😉 .  After some time a man boarded with his baby daughter. They were also standing. And the girl was very excited to travel in the Metro and then looking around. “papa hum shat se b ooper hain…metro chal padi…bahar kitna acha hai”. I asked her to come to corner and she was so happy. Her Dad said “bhaiya ka haath pakad lo”. She held my hand and was enjoying to her fullest. Then she asked “papa hum kab uttarnge jab train aage jeygi ?” He said yes. After some time she again asked “papa hum kab uttarenge jab train wapis peeche jayegi”. He again said yes. And she replied “abhi to aap keh rahe the jab aage jeygi fir uttarange” 😀 We were all in laughter. At one station there was a poster of of the movie Chandi Chowk to China. She was so excited chaani chowk to china…chaani chown to china… At the next station they de-boarded and he said “thanks bolo”. Littlie said thanks and tata…till then i had forgotton all my sleep and was just smiling.

Kids are just wonderful !

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  1. Haha,that was really so sweet! I love kis,their innocentt queries,just awesome!Most of all,they are just pure,so true,unlike grown-ups,atleast most grown-ups.

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