main hosh mein tha

A masterpiece by Mehdi Hasan:

main hosh mein tha to phir us pe mar gaya kaise
yeh zeher mere lahoo mein utar gaya kaise

kuch us ke dil mein lagawat zaroor thi warna
woh mera haath daba ke guzar gaya kaise
(lagawat – affection, love)

zaroor us ki tawajoh ki rehbari ho gi
nashe mein tha to main apne hi ghar gaya kaise
(rehbar – guide, tawajoh – liking, close attention)

jise bhulaye kai saal ho gaye ‘Kamil’
main aaj us ki gali se guzar gaya kaise…

I am not sure about the name of the writer. Is it Rashid Kamil or someone else. If anybody has an idea, please do leave a comment.

Update : As per few sources online & also by the comment on this post, I came to know that it has been written by Kamil Chandpuri.


  1. Simple b’ful, heart-touching !

  2. awesome.. now i got that from where u get u r profile names.. on orkut 🙂

    main hosh mein tha to phir us pe mar gaya kaise..

  3. I think poet is Kaamil Chandpuri. According to a source, it was confirmed by son of Kaamil saab that this ghazal was written by his father.


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