Yesterday, I had gone to office and came back at around 6. After half an hour one of my friend called to ask “Where are you ? All fine ?” And then i came to know that there had been serial blasts in Delhi. I switched on the TV and there was blood all around at all the blast sites. People were rushing around and moreover it was getting darker so help, search and other things were becoming difficult. Well, an unfortunate day for Delhi.

So after all this, as always the debates start “we should curb terror” “should beef up the security” etc. Govt also has almost the same statements to give. We will find them, punish and all. One things is clear who suffers is the common man. Now people can’t sit in their houses all the time. Everybody has to go out and you never know when you are running with bad luck (that is what we can call it).

Now coming to what we can do to stop all this, everybody has different views to give. To be honest and fair, maintaining security at public places like CP, Gaffar market, M block market or any other area is really difficult if not impossible. Take this case only. Most of the bombs were planted in dustbins. There are so many in the city. Who can keep check on all the dustbins ? And its not only dustbin. It could be anything else like an abandoned cycle, scooter, some packet or anything. So how to stop that ?

What basically is required is making the country a better place to live by providing people with proper education, facilities and justice. People who are unemployed, not able to earn their livelihood or who have been denied justice are so easy to fall for all this ? As they are already saying that they are taking revenge of Gujarat riots. So why we let such things happen ? 1984 Sikh riots, Gujarat riots or anything similar are crying shame for the country.

One more thing i noticed that our media needs to act responsibly in such situations and otherwise also. Yesterday they spoke on Aaj Tak that a police has taken a child in custody who was having a bomb tied to his body. But after 5 minutes they said that NO, actually the child had seen the terrorists dropping something into the dustbin, so police wanted to get the information from him. What bullshit ? Take a minute and speak responsibly.

Peace ! God bless…