Reservations have already screwed up all the admission criterion’s, now comes another blow. They are again lowering the cut offs for SC/ST candidates.

I just don’t understand what is wrong with the decision makers in India ? As this piece of news reads that earlier when the relaxation was at 40% if last general category student was having scored 5 in maths, 0 in physics and 3 in chemistry, an SC/ST student who had scored up to 40% lower- 3 in maths, 0 in physics and 1.8 in chemistry – was given a seat in the IITs. Now they want to make it 40%. That means if we keep the last general candidate’s marks constant then new limits for SC/ST students would be 2.5 in maths, 0 in physics and 1.5 in chemistry.

Shouldn’t we be ashamed of what is happening in our country ? The whole day we keep on uttering that IITs are the best institutes. So this is what kind of students we are sending to IITs to get the best of education ? There are no standards at all. I have nothing new to say than one of my previous posts.

We are getting nowhere !!!