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You know you are in Chandigarh when…

Today one of my friend forwarded a mail which i think is worth making into a blog entry. It is a must read if you have been to Chandigarh. Well, even if you haven’t but then you won’t understand everything 😉 . So here it goes:

You know you are in Chandigarh when…

1) University elections become more important than MLA, MC elections (SOPU, PUSU bruuahh)

2) Explaining Gehri to outsiders becomes a tough task

3) ‘Uphill’ can only be understood by you

4) You always have a ‘pind’ to goto every month

5) Kaimbwala requires no further defining

6) You always have a separate budget (after buying a car) for bigger tyres, alloy wheels, stereo, woofer

7) Shopping in guys’ vocabulary refers to buying daru from Jugnu Ahata and soda, glasses from any confectionery

8 ) Names like Neelam, Nirman, Kiran, Jagat, Batra, Piccadily aren’t just names but entertainment centers

9) Car-o-bar refers to drinking with glasses on the dickey of the car in sector 8 market late at night

10) Paranthe wale are the chefs who come out late at night at sector 16 to make paranthe and chai for late night partygoers

11) Abbreviations like GCG, MCM mean a lot without knowing their full forms

12) Guys speak in loud Punjabi when a group of girls passes by and girls start speaking in English everytime a group of guys passes by

13) The city seems too slow and dead and everyone heads to Delhi

14) The traffic cops start the challan drive in the last week of March to end the year in good numbers

15) Everyone has a ‘massi’ in Canada, and a ‘bhua’ in UK

16) Once upon a point Valentine’s Day meant tractors on Gehri route and speeds of only 5 km/h

17) A new year’s bash is incomplete without a fight

18) Any party is incomplete without a fight

19) Everyone has some political connection

20) Stu C is more popular with non students

21) You are proud of being from a particular school and a passive member of its alumni group (YPS, Vivek, Sna, GNPS, Carmel, SJOBA etc)

22) Going to the dog show means checking out the girls more than the dogs

23) Owning a Bullet while still in school is an achievement

24) Spending up to Rs 2 lacs on number 1 for a car’s number plate does not raise any eyebrows

25) Kinetic Honda scooter is referred to as Kiney and Bullet bike as Bullt

26) You are proud of being a Punjabi

27) ‘Mallo Malli Khadak Piyan’ sticker is found on many cars

28) Guys are called by their surnames, (Brar, Sidhu bai, Dhillon) and followed by “Kiven aa, Kidaan!!”

29) 22g, 62 is only understood by you

30) You are shocked to find out when someone doesn’t drink and is a vegetarian

31) Many people are ‘vella’ when asked what they do

32) Everyone’s been to the Rock Garden and hate to show it yet again to family friends/relatives from other cities

33) One hand, while driving, is on the ‘muchh’ and the other on the steering wheel

34) Everybody knows everybody

35) Every new party place has the same old faces

36) A new car, bike etc. first comes to the Gehri route n later to the gurudwara or mandir

37) Coke and Pepsi come in small ‘Sheeshee’

39) Anyone and Everyone has had food at “Pal Da Dhaba” and “Giani Da Dhaba (Dharampur)”

40) Desi Ahatas are officially called “TAVERNS”

41) Everyone has heard the song “Chandigarh kare aashiqui” by B21

42) Bikers are challaned even if the pillion rider is not wearing a helmet and girls are allowed to ride without one.

43) While in school everyone waits for tuition time to finally talk to the special person (not in a uniform)

44) Panchkula and Mohali-ites don’t mind being called as Chandigarhians

45) Very few ppl know about the Mosque in sector 20 and the Church in sector 18

46) Most ppl have been challaned more than once (for speeding mostly)

47) … And most ppl have gone to the district courts in sector 17 to get their challans cleared (as it is cheaper than paying the fine at sector 29 police

48) A good lookin car turns more heads than a pretty girl

49) English speaking girls are usually referred to as “yankan” or “jhankan”

50) The “Gehri-on-foot” (à la sector 35 CCD lane, sector 17) becomes more popular.


Reservation in IITs

Reservations have already screwed up all the admission criterion’s, now comes another blow. They are again lowering the cut offs for SC/ST candidates.

I just don’t understand what is wrong with the decision makers in India ? As this piece of news reads that earlier when the relaxation was at 40% if last general category student was having scored 5 in maths, 0 in physics and 3 in chemistry, an SC/ST student who had scored up to 40% lower- 3 in maths, 0 in physics and 1.8 in chemistry – was given a seat in the IITs. Now they want to make it 40%. That means if we keep the last general candidate’s marks constant then new limits for SC/ST students would be 2.5 in maths, 0 in physics and 1.5 in chemistry.

Shouldn’t we be ashamed of what is happening in our country ? The whole day we keep on uttering that IITs are the best institutes. So this is what kind of students we are sending to IITs to get the best of education ? There are no standards at all. I have nothing new to say than one of my previous posts.

We are getting nowhere !!!

Ahmed Faraz

Today morning i opened my laptop and was checking BBC website and the first news was the great poet Ahmed Faraz is no more 🙁 He died after a protracted illness.

His ghazal ranjish hi sahi… rendered by Mehdi Hasan became a masterpiece. Faraz once said that Mehdi has sung it so beautifully that now it belongs to him. He will always be remembered for his great poetry.

May his soul rest in piece. Here are few links to his poetry on one of my blog and

kade pattian di gal…

An awesome poetry. I don’t know the name of the writer. Gurdeep Singh sung this in his second album Hook. The whole album is a must listen. Awesome poetry and voice !

kade pattian gi gal
kade tahnian di gal
sanu das ja ni vaaye sade hanian di gal
kade pattian di gal…

kade soorjan ton puchan
kade tarian ton puchan
maruthal te jhana de kinarian ton puchan
koi dasda na lang chukke panian di gal
kade pattian di gal…

kade takkre tan aakhin uhnu edharo b lange
sada rom rom khair uhdi zindagi di mange
kade sun jaye akhian nimanian di gal
kade pattian di gal…

uhde bolan wich ambaran de geet sutte rehnde
uhde hassian chon rangle gulab ugg painde
uhnu yaad si mohabattan puranian di gal
kade pattian di gal…

woh tafawutein hain mere khuda…

Ahmed Faraz

woh tafawutein hain mere khuda k yeh tu nahi koi aur hai
k tu aasman pe, ho to ho, pai sar-e-zameen koi aur hai
(tafawutein – doori,distance)

woh jo raaste the wafa ke the,yeh jo manzalein hain, saza ki hain
mera hamsafar koi aur tha, tera hamnashin koi aur hai
(hamnashin – associate)

mere jism-o-jaan mein tere siwa, nahi koi bhi doosra
mujhe fir b lagta hai is tarah k kahin kahin koi aur hai

main aseer apne gizaal ka, main fakir dashat-e-visaal ka
jo hiran ko baandh ke le gaya woh Subuktageen koi aur hai
(aseer – prisoner, gizaal – a beautiful deer, Subuktageen – Sultan Mahmood’s father)

main ajab musafir-e-beamaan k jahan jahan b gaya wahan
mujhe laga mera khaakdan yeh zamin nahi koi aur hai
(musafir-e-beamaan – traveler without a shelter, khaakdan – world, sansaar)

rahe bekhabar mere yaar tak, kabhi is pe shak kabi us pe shak
mere ji ko jiski rahi lalk, woh kamar-jabin koi aur hai
(kamar-jabin – mehboob, lover)

yeh jo chaar din ke nadeem hain, unhe kya ‘Faraz’ koi kahe
woh mohabattein, woh shikayatein, hame jis se thi koi aur hai
(nadeem – friends)

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