Johny johny…no Papa

In last few weeks, a video showing kids reciting english poems in some school of Punjab has been making waves on youtube.

It definitely looks funny during first watch. But soon it gives rise to serious questions about our education system. These kids don’t understand anything what they are speaking. They have just crammed this small poem and keep on reciting it daily without even trying to understand what does it mean, forget the American accent. And they are not at fault, rather we are responsible that they have got such an environment to grow up in.

What does that mean ? There are some serious flaws in our education system. It has been 51 years since we got freedom and see the standards of education in our country. It is not the story of Punjab only but almost every state in India. Start with primary schools and go up to professional colleges. Everywhere you will find the same story. The biggest difference which i have felt between India and abroad is that there the most qualified people are in the teaching profession and here the least qualified. If you are not getting any other job go for teaching. There are n number of reasons for that. One of the primary things being the bucks you earn. That again has to do with the system of our country that people who are responsible for laying the foundation of the country are not paid well and they opt for alternate professions and the mediocre class comes into teaching.

Some serious steps need to be taken. Otherwise govt institutions have already lost all the charm and there will be no fun in keeping them running. People would (in fact, already are) opt for private ones and that also would be out of reach of the middle class.

Without education can we progress ? NO, i think. In fact education is the only thing which can help us get rid of the evil things in our society.

4 thoughts on “Johny johny…no Papa

  1. true man, Education is the base for the country’s progress, we have done remarkably well as a country. But we can be best in the world, if we improve the education system.

  2. Yes it’s very true that our education system make us learn the things without understanding the concept behind it.
    Regarding Govt institutes it’s already in very bad condition. No one prefers to go to these institutes. Only those people go who can’t afford private school or college fees.

  3. Hi Brothers,

    It’s great to see your attitude of seeing the real picture behind and not just the funny part. We all know the illiteracy and poor education system are the biggest problems holding india back from the bright future. Can we try and think of a solution here and see what we can contribute to that. Raising questions is good but finding answers is even better. What do you think?

    I, a government school product really understand the problems I’ve faced while competing with others better educated ones and weak foundation still struggling to cope up with the born english men. We who now understand the real importance are to be blamed if our next generation faces the same problem. Let’s think of an initative, be it becoming a part time teachers or discussing with our relatives who are teachers and see in any manner we can contribue would help us feel better ourselves as well be proud in front of our next generation.

    Aman M

  4. @Aman

    I agree in entirety and 2 points from my side:

    1. Yes, we ourselves are not ready to make efforts. We just want to see it happening through some magic wand. And that just is not possible.

    2. Making efforts is a great thing. But otherwise talking in general you try to be nice in the society, be helpful and people will make your life difficult. I personally have experienced this many times. And such things just break the little bit of spirit of doing good.


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