Are we really progressing ?

I read almost daily in newspapers, magazines or watch on TV that India is progressing at this rate etc etc…describing things in some financial language that is away from the understanding of a common man like me. I was just thinking about this so called progress and thought about writing it here. Some of the common things i see, observe or read about almost daily, in no order are:

  • First page of the newspaper is full of news of murder, robbery and rape.
  • Daily there are some girls being killed due to dowry.
  • People have become so heartless. Nobody cares about what is happening around.
  • Let there be an accident on the road. I don’t think there will be someone coming forward to help. Recently a man died in Delhi after he met with an accident and nobody came to help him.
  • From top to bottom, each and every system is becoming (“has become” in fact) corrupt.
  • Nobody wants to obey any traffic rules. Try to observe the scene on a red light. Bigger is the car more they mis-behave. That means more money and access to best things just snatches whatever little functionality of brain you have.
  • How many people think about the thing called “my country” ?
  • Can we just guess the degree of selfishness in us ? To what extent we can go for little of our advantage ?
  • Where is that so called great Indian culture ?
  • See politicians of this country. All of them are enjoying the luxury life ? Who, what the heck country ?
  • Use a public transport and see the behaviour of people and driver/conductor ?
  • See how many people are homeless and sleeping on the roads/footpath ?

Just few of the things which came to my mind in these 10 minutes. And then we say we are progressing ?

or creating multi story buildings means progress ? I guess no…