All about poetry…

Well, I created this blog to post all the poetry I have read and loved. Be it in any form a poem, a song or anything else and any language. Will try to post something regularly. Also I will try to include whatever information I have about the post like writer, singer or anything else.

Hope, you enjoy reading the posts… 🙂


  1. Very nice sidhu.Hope to read some good poetry finally!
    PS:Which blog writing software you use?

  2. Thanks Aman

    I post through blogger only and have kept the template same for all three blogs. No other software I have used.


  3. Than how do you get to have Titles of the posts and able to insert youtube videos?I am not able to do that.
    And you can also try Windows Live Writer software.You will find blogging more easy using that.

  4. Thats there in Settings>Formatting>Show Title Field, just enable that option and you will be able to do that. BTW I am probably the biggest duffer in HTML and all this web stuff 🙂

    And about youtube videos, on youtube, with every video they have given the code to embed. Just copy paste that into your HTML and its done.

    Sure, I will give Windows Live Writer a try 🙂


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