It has been long time since I posted something. So thought about writing something at least. Posting requires time & concentration. My office days are just too busy and tiring. Monday to Friday is like leaving at 8:30 and coming back at 8:30 & moreover travelling in Delhi is just too much. Both the times (while going & coming back) you are stuck in heavy traffic and can’t do anything other than sweating and waiting 🙁 Its not very good to do all this stuff in office so only saturday sundays are the days to handle all this, taking rest, going for some outing and watching some movie (if there is some good release, like this time it was Shootout at Lokhandwala). It was so good in Chandigarh where my office was 10 mins (if the only light that came my way was Red, otherwise just 8 mins) away from my home and almost same while coming back in the evening. Here it takes more than an hour to reach office (that too sweating and tired) and even more while coming back. So you are hardly left with any energy to do something productive. Just trying to adjust to this atmosphere and start doing something useful daily 🙂