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Lotus notes and sametime

My company uses Lotus Notes for email and Sametime connect as messenger for all the internal communication. Both are stupid applications and are a big resource hogs. Most of the systems are P IV with 512 MB RAM. You just run Lotus and Sametime 7 and it eats up everything. The system moves like a 386 based machine.

Moreover, i was looking for Lotus short cuts today and found that there is no short cut in Lotus for Send/Receive mail.

At our client’s site, i have seen IBM people having kept an exe killnotes.exe on their desktop which they use to quickly exit from Lotus. What bullshit ?

Outlook/Outlook Express rocks, seriously !

Tracing Wikipedia…

Today Stumble gave me a link to an article on a website. That article talks about a guy Virgil Griffith who wrote a piece of software to track IP addresses of the people, editing the Wikipedia content. Some really interesting things came up: Apple attacking Microsoft and then Microsoft taking revenge. Have a look at the full article. It makes an interesting read. Read more about this guy on Wikipedia here.


Plugged-in back to www…

Last to last week, we shifted to a new house. As there was no internet connection, so we were without any internet access for last 2 weeks. Today we got the new internet connection. Its a DSL one. And the guy who came to do the installation threw a little bit of technical jargon like rebooting the router and so on.

It feels so good to be back in the world of www 🙂


Hats off…

Since I switched to this new job, my profile has changed. Here I work as a DBA. So my interaction with Oracle & anything related to Oracle has also increased. Started exploring Oracle related forums and websites specially OTN forums ( This is the only page thats almost always open on my Desktop in office & Laptop at home and I refresh more than my office Lotus Notes. Today I was reading APCs blog , that Jonathan Lewis has also started posting on OTN forums and being so busy man, from where he finds the time ? I too think the same. There are so many people having many years of experience in industry, answering the questions on OTN, uesnet groups and various other forums and everything is for free. They are not paid anything for the same thing. Its like taking time out of your time, understand somebody’s problem, create same scenario your PC, try out and then post the answer ! I am, sort of new to the forums and sometimes for whole of week, I am unable to post any answers, even knowing something about the issue someone has posted. Just the “time” thing. These days I am very close to OTN forums, visit for whole of the day and also post answers to the questions I know something about. There are many people who are regular visitors and are answering questions on the daily basis. Hats off ! to all these “big bosses” of the technology !