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Commenting on my blog

Aman made me aware about not being able to post any comments on my blog. I checked and found that everything was fine with Firefox but in IE 6 it was not possible to post a comment. I was using Did You Pass Math plugin to stop comment spam and it had some problems in IE. I disabled it for the time being and installed WP-SpamFree. Everything seems to be fine except that it doesn’t allow very small comments and i haven’t been able to figure out where that setting is ? (yea…i am really poor with this web stuff 🙁 ).

The display of single post in IE is still broken. Some issues with the theme i am using, i guess. Will try to fix that.

If you have any difficulty in reading or commenting on the post, please let me know at amardeepsidhu at gmail dot com.

Thanks 🙂

Automating WordPress 2.5 upgrade

I recently upgraded my blog to WordPress 2.5. The manual process is real cumbersome. Today I came across few plugins which help in almost automating the upgrade stuff.

WordPress Automatic upgrade: As per description this plugin first takes backup and then upgrades. I didn’t try this one, though.

Instant Upgrade: I upgraded one of my blog using this. It doesn’t take care of backup but otherwise the upgrade was super smooth. Just few clicks and you are done.

Happy upgrading !

Syntax highlighting for code in WordPress

I came across a post about syntax highlighting for code in WordPress on Thomas Roach’s blog who in turn saw it on Tyler Muth’s blog. There is a plugin called syntax highlighter which does all the beauty. Use is very simple:

Download it from here.

Upload to your blog’s plugins folder and extract it over there.

Now (on WordPress) go to Plugins page and activate the plugin.

To use it wrap your code like


and you are done.

Wanna see, how does it look like 😉

SQL>drop database;

Isn’t beautiful 😉