Want to learn Exadata ?

Many people have asked me this question that how they can learn Exadata ? It starts sounding even more difficult as a lot of people don’t have access to Exadata environments. So thought about writing a small post on the same.

It actually is not as difficult as it sounds. There are a lot of really good resources available from where you can learn about Exadata architecture and the things that work differently from any non-Exadata platform. You might be able to do lot more RnD if you have got access to an Exadata environment but don’t worry if you haven’t. Without that also there is a lot that you can explore. So here we go:

  1. I think the best reference that one can start with is Expert Oracle Exadata book by Tanel Poder, Kerry Osborne and Randy Johnson. As a traditional book covers the subject topic by topic from ground up so it makes a fun read. This book is also no different. It will teach you a lot. They are already working on the second edition. (See here).
  2. Next you can jump to whitepapers on Oracle website Exadata page, blog posts (keep an eye on OraNA.info) and whitepapers written by other folks. There is a lot of useful material out there. You just need to Google a bit.
  3. Exadata documentation (not public yet) should be your next stop if you have got access to it. Patch 10386736 on MOS if you have got the access.
  4. Try to attend an Oracle Users Group conference if there is one happening in your area. Most likely someone would be presenting on Exadata so you can use that opportunity to learn about it. Also you will get a chance to ask him questions.
  5. Lastly if you have an Exadata machine available do all the RnD you can.

Happy New Year and Happy Learning !

2 thoughts on “Want to learn Exadata ?

  1. Aman....

    The best way to learn Exadata is to purchase a Quarter Rack. There is nothing like a “hands-on” learning and as an added benefit, one would get access to Support as well so you can learn and ask your questions/doubts directly to support services 😉 . The only issue, a small only, is the price but then again, there is always a price for quality, isn’t it!!

    Okay, so on a serious note, besides the mentioned links, Oracle’s Learning Library(http://oracle.com/goto/oll) has a complete series for Flash based videos to explain various concepts of Exadata. That’s a very good and Free resource to learn Exadata. Also, Uwe Hesse has written some really good stuff to understand the concepts of Exadata on his blog http://uhesse.com .

    And last but certainly not the least, attending an Oracle Univ course for the same would give one access to machines to learn the things and play with the technology. Also, the same would make one eligible for the certification.



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