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December 14, 2008

Manually booting an OS from GRUB

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One of my friend today asked me about removing Linux partitions & GRUB (from a dual boot system) and return back to windows alone. Removing Linux involves just formatting/removing the partitions. Now to remove GRUB either do fdisk /mbr from a Windows 98 bootable CD or do fixmbr after booting into repair mode with Windows XP CD. But if you have none then to remove GRUB you will need some utility like this one and if you reboot before doing that it might make GRUB unable to boot into Windows. It will get stuck at GRUB> prompt only. So there is an option: to manually boot the OS you want (ie Windows). A quick search gave link to this thread. It involves few commands on the GRUB prompt:

grub> rootnoverify (hd0,0)
grub> makeactive
grub> chainloader +1
grub> boot

It will load the NTLDR where your Windows is installed in Partition 1 on HDD 1.

December 9, 2008

My re-designed website ;)

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Since long time i have been struggling to learn CSS and make my website look great. The efforts did succeed but not in a way i wanted. After playing with CSS for few months i finally switched to Joomla and yes, in a week my website looks pretty cool. CSS automated 😉 . Joomla installation is pretty next-next job. Then play around a bit and you are done. Next game is to choose a nice looking template according to your taste and addition of few extensions to make yours tasks easier. (WordPress & Joomla rock because of these free extensions). So after long time i feel satisfied with the way my website looks. Here are the screenshots of the old and present new look for archives 😉

Joomla rocks !!!

December 6, 2008

where 1=2 ;)

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A small post to let everybody know that I am alive 😉 .

Few weeks back, in office we were looking at one procedure which was supposed to do a lot but if executed it finished in a sec (or less 😉 ). I started looking into it and just opened the procedure and started scrolling to find that the last line of the very first cursor read:

where 1=2;

Wonderful !

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