Monthly Archives: April 2008

Unxutils for Windows

If you are used to work in Unix enviroment and then sometime, in between have to sit on Windows and tail -f alert_DB.log, its a real pain. There is a small bundle of utilities, called Unxutils which can make you feel at home in Windows too. These are the exe’s of all major commands in Unix like more, less, ls, grep etc…
To use it just download the zip file from the link above, extract it to some folder and add the path of exe’s to your Windows PATH. Restart your machine and you are done.
Happy more’ing…less’ing…

Automating WordPress 2.5 upgrade

I recently upgraded my blog to WordPress 2.5. The manual process is real cumbersome. Today I came across few plugins which help in almost automating the upgrade stuff.

WordPress Automatic upgrade: As per description this plugin first takes backup and then upgrades. I didn’t try this one, though.

Instant Upgrade: I upgraded one of my blog using this. It doesn’t take care of backup but otherwise the upgrade was super smooth. Just few clicks and you are done.

Happy upgrading !

OTN forums etiquettes

Finally finally finally a small sticky has been posted on OTN Database forums homepage. But its there only on Database forums page not on PL/SQL. It reads like:

Posters, please mind these common-sense rules when participating here:

– When asking a question, provide all the details that someone would need to answer it. Consulting documentation first is highly recommended. (See for more hints.)
– When answering a question, please be courteous; there are different levels of experience represented here. A poorly worded question is better ignored than flamed – or better yet, help the poster ask a better question.

Thanks for doing your part to make this community as valuable as possible for everyone!


That means Database forum enjoys most number of flames 😉