Welcome to my new website & blog…

Well, it was in my mind for some time, to register my domain name and finally its here 🙂 . I have imported all the posts from my blog on blogger. I will be checking and editing all the posts for any kind of issues with wordpress. If you see anything out of the way do let me know 🙂

7 thoughts on “Welcome to my new website & blog…

  1. Amritpal Singh

    good work Sidhu saab, this proves JOSH haje hai baaki, so no tension, and Guru di kirpa naal chakki jao kam

    best wishes on your new work.
    take care

  2. Raphael

    Hi Sidhu,
    I find your site very helpful. i have a question, is it possible to backup a database i.e cold backup on Linux server and to restore the database (datafiles) on a windows servers? in other words are the datafiles platform independent? how can i just copy all the files from Linux and restore it on windows?
    Thank you


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