Monthly Archives: September 2007

Google friendliness of …

Being a new kid on the block, I think, my post will not fire any serious and “scary” discussion as it has happened many times in the past. Just writing my experience. Whenever I search something related to Oracle in Google there are few sites that are bound to come up in the very first results ( No surety about the relevance and completeness of the content, though). Today I was searching about scheduling new jobs in oracle and I was, sort of, surprised to see the results [Though, I got from there, what I was looking for & I would like to say Thanks for that]. Many other times also, I have seen these websites pop up like anything.

When I had started my job and after that put the CV on few job sites. Everybody used to say: put more number of keywords in the CV as their search bots select the resumes on the basis of keywords only. Perhaps same thing applies here also. They have included each and every possible keyword in Oracle on their websites [& I think in a better way than it’s been done in Oracle documentation ;)]. If its not one of their own websites then some books website (that also their own, obviously) will come up [& the keywords matched here are from table of contents or some portion from some chapter Ctrl+C’ed and Ctrl+V’ed there] with advertisement all around imitating the big bang universe theory. Some special experience, with making websites Google friendly, they have got 😉


Learning AWK…

I was searching for some good tutorials on awk. Found a very nice (brilliant indeed) article on Oracle website by Emmett Dulaney. A very good introduction for beginners. I searched for some other links as well. Have a read:

1. AWK: The Linux Administrators’ Wisdom Kit

2. A Guided Tour Of Awk

3. AWK Programming

4. UNIX Utilities – awk

Happy awk’ing 🙂


Tracing Wikipedia…

Today Stumble gave me a link to an article on a website. That article talks about a guy Virgil Griffith who wrote a piece of software to track IP addresses of the people, editing the Wikipedia content. Some really interesting things came up: Apple attacking Microsoft and then Microsoft taking revenge. Have a look at the full article. It makes an interesting read. Read more about this guy on Wikipedia here.