Command line history in SQL (for Linux)…

Found a very interesting article on Dizwell’s blog. It was about keeping history of the SQL commands in SQL Plus on Linux. It is almost very simple. Just need to download a small utility called rlwrap from here. Its a tar.gz file. Download it, un-tar using

tar -xvf rlwrap-0.28.tar.gz

It will create a directory with the same name. cd to the directory and run


Now do

make install

(I was logged in as oracle user, then did su, but it gave some errors, finally I logged in as root and it worked fine)

Now what is left to be done is make an alias for sqlplus as

alias sqlplus='rlwrap sqlplus'

Using up/down arrows, commands can be scrolled up and down just like windows. Have a look at full article here.