Running Linux from inside Windows…

Running Linux from right inside Windows, just like a normal application !!! Idea looks cool. I was also searching for the same thing. After little bit of Googling got one link This article explains everything about making it possible. (Thanks Kyle Pott 🙂

I had downloaded Fedore Core 7 Live CD. Tried same with this method. It is working perfectly fine. Rocking Infact !!! I have 1 Gigs of RAM in my laptop. It is giving good performance but will definitly rock with 2 Gigs.This is how it looks like on my laptop .

Cheers !

2 thoughts on “Running Linux from inside Windows…

  1. Aman Sharma

    Hi Amar,
    Well why you didnt try vmare to check the same functionality.
    You can also have a “feel” by running Cygwin.


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