India Lockdown – Day 3

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So like yesterday, today was also a better day. There were very few announcements. People seem to be getting used to the idea of staying indoors. Also there were 2 policemen on bike followed by an Auto with a loudspeaker fitted atop, giving information about Covid-19 dos and don’ts. They did a round in the society also.

I clicked this in the evening. See the empty streets and the clear skies.

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India Lockdown – Day 2

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Today seemed to be a better day in the society. Very few announcements. Means people were not roaming around aimlessly. People were seen going outside for getting the daily stuff like milk and groceries.

Govt has allocated a special budget for taking care of needs of the poor people during this lockdown period. Hope it reaches the needy and can help them through this hard time. They are the ones who are going to face the most challenges.

Also on the personal front, read some technical stuff. But man…it is difficult to be shut inside like this. But what other option do we have ?

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India Lockdown – Day 1

As we all know the world is going through a really difficult time and there are a number of countries placed under lockdown to contain the spread of Covid-19. India is also one of them. Imagine 130 crores of population shut indoors. Most of the private companies have given work from home to their employees. Govt offices are also running with limited staff. Out generation hasn’t seen anything like that earlier.

Most of the people with some fixed income are going to sail through this with some hardships but for the daily wagers it is one of the most difficult times. Without there being no daily incomes, it is very difficult to even arrange for two meals a day. Hope the work being done by the govt and some charitable organizations helps in easing their difficulties.

Since working from home gives some free time, so thought about jotting down some thoughts about how it is going for us and around us. Also it works as an excuse to get started with blogging again.

As the PM announced JantaCurfew for Sunday, so most of the day was very silent one. People stayed indoors. By the time it ended, the UP govt announced restrictions for Monday and Tuesday. For our society guys, Monday was a tough day. Man…people just don’t listen. People were roaming around, talking walks just as usual. Some of them were enjoying in the park with their kids. Finally they had to put a loudspeaker at the main gate of the society and there was a guy sitting with a mic who made like hundreds of announcements throughout the day asking people to stay indoors. Whenever there was someone spotted roaming around aimlessly, the speaker was on. This continued on Tuesday as well. Then PM announced the lockdown for 21 days.

Today was relatively a better day. There were very few announcements. People were going out but mostly for their needs like buying grociries ands stuff. I also went out in the morning to get some milk and curd and it was all fine. Got back in 10-15 mins. Spotted these dogs maintaining social distance. So it is important folks.

Most of the home delivery services are badly affected. MilkBasket already announced that they were suspending the deliveries. CountryDelight guys promised to deliver but no-one turned up. Also their app was kind of hung whole of Tuesday evening, till late night. In fact today also it was in bad shape. Only in the late evening it started working properly. Had enough stuff at home so didn’t order anything.

There was some free time, so managed to read this short book once again (maybe after many years).

That’s all for Day 1 folks.

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Bombay rains

This is from Facebook memories of this day in 2013 when i was stuck in Bombay rains!

Oh boy…Bombay’s first rain and i am part of it ! Rather stuck in it !

Keeping in mind that my flight is at 2 am, i booked a cab for 10 pm. 4 hours are good enough. Right ?

Then it started raining at 7 in the evening and still raining till 10. The taxi guy didnt turn up. Called all taxi walas and as expected nothing is avlvl.

Luckily got a local guy who also had to come towards airport side. Finally rain stopped after 10 and we came out to look for some auto or taxi. Long queues of ppl everywhere looking for some taxi or autos.

Finally the mode that we mostly ignore : local bus. Changed two buses and it took about two hours…but here i am at the airport in time.

All thanks to the local guy who knews the bus routes and everything otherwise i would have been sleeping in ofc probably !

Best of online Ghazal radio stations

With the invention of Television in the past and the internet recently the traditional radio has died a silent death. The shape that it still exists in is FM radio. But unfortunately, the quality of stuff that these FM channels broadcast is mostly trash. If you are a poetry/ghazals lover, these 2 online channels broadcast some brilliant stuff. Check them out.

Mirchi Mehfil –

Radiocity Ghazal –

Apart from these two, FM Gold channel of All India Radio broadcasts (in NCR, not sure about other cities) a ghazals programme called “Andaaz-e-bayaan”  in the evening from 5:30 to 6. You can listen to it on FM radio (106.4 in NCR. So now they swapped the frequencies. This program is broadcast at 101.1 same time), online at or through mobile apps