Bombay rains

This is from Facebook memories of this day in 2013 when i was stuck in Bombay rains!

Oh boy…Bombay’s first rain and i am part of it ! Rather stuck in it !

Keeping in mind that my flight is at 2 am, i booked a cab for 10 pm. 4 hours are good enough. Right ?

Then it started raining at 7 in the evening and still raining till 10. The taxi guy didnt turn up. Called all taxi walas and as expected nothing is avlvl.

Luckily got a local guy who also had to come towards airport side. Finally rain stopped after 10 and we came out to look for some auto or taxi. Long queues of ppl everywhere looking for some taxi or autos.

Finally the mode that we mostly ignore : local bus. Changed two buses and it took about two hours…but here i am at the airport in time.

All thanks to the local guy who knews the bus routes and everything otherwise i would have been sleeping in ofc probably !

If you are going to Goa

Few things we learned on our recent trip to Goa:

  1. Lets get started with the first one i.e. finding a taxi once you land at Goa airport. The queue at the official counter is too long. You probably will have to wait for 30 mins or more to get a taxi. It would be a better idea to either arrange a taxi before you reach there or go out from the airport and talk to the some drivers roaming around. They have their cars parked on the roadside and you can easily strike a deal with one of them. Will save you a lot of time though you may need a walk few hundred meters. No there is no Ola or Uber in Goa.
  2. If you are staying near Calangute the best place to rent a bike, car or a jeep is guy called Dolphin. Very genuine rates and a good number of vehicles he owns. Here is the location of this shop.
  3. Titos is a shithole. Avoid it. There must be tens of better pubs out there. But AVOID Titos. They really have nothing to offer.
  4. Folks plying taxis in the city hardly bargain. They are going to charge the amount they quote. At times it might be a better idea to rent a bike or car.

That is all for now.