Demystifying Punjabi stereotypes – 2

Read Part 1 – Punjab is a very rich state !


 Punjabi music is all about beats !

Thankfully it is not. What you get to see is Bollywood’s use (use as exploiting something; i say use because Bollywood includes Punjabi songs in a movie to make the album hit not to promote Punjabi music) of Punjabi music. Far away from that adulterated stuff you get to hear there exists some beautiful Punjabi music of so many different genres including dance numbers, sad songs, spiritual poetry and so on.

Break the stereotype, go explore and enjoy some beautiful music. A whole new world awaits you.

Demystifying Punjabi stereotypes – 1

Most of the stuff that non Punjabi’s know about us Punjabis is typical stereotyped stuff shown in Bollywood movies and Punjabi songs. Most of it is some non-sense wrapped around “balle balle” as if dancing is what Punjabi’s do all the time. So thought about doing some posts telling the reality instead of what is being shown on small or big screen. How it actually started was that once I drafted a post explaining that how in Punjab there live people of all religions, not only Sikhs as a lot of non-Punjabi’s seem to think. But this post remained in the draft for months. Then last week a colleague in office was talking about something similar. From there an idea struck me to write about multiple topics related to Punjabi stereotypes. In each post I will try to talk about one topic (or more if they are very closely related). The posts are not going to be very very detailed but would briefly talk about the subject. You can add your criticism/views/corrections of any facts in the comments section. Some of the posts might be ridiculously short but length isn’t really the important thing here. Important is to make the point about some issue that we are seeing around us.

So here we go with the very first post in this series. In this the issue I am going to talk about is:


Punjab is a very rich state


That is what a lot of people outside Punjab think courtesy Punjab’s rich past and what is being shown in movies, songs etc. But the reality is that it used to be rich but it is not anymore. These days economy is in shambles. State is under a debt of Rs 1 lakh crore. There is no money to pay salaries to the Govt. employees and to make both ends meet Govt. properties, lands are being sold. There are hardly any new Govt. jobs. Not much is happening in the name of industrial growth so there are not many jobs in private sector too. Menace of drugs is posing the most serious danger the state has ever seen. According to some reports almost 60-70% or more of the youth is addicted to some kind of drug or alcohol. There are villages where each family has lost one of more of the family members to some kind of drug addiction.

Agriculture has failed. Landlords might be doing fine but farmers with few acres of land can hardly make both ends meet. Many of the small farmers have taken loans to the tune of lakhs from banks and because of poor agricultural growth are not able to pay it back. Not being able to support their families they are taking the suicide route to end their lives. There are many families where the only earning members have committed suicides and the debt ridden families are left to struggle with their lives.


With all this going on one can pretty much understand how rich Punjab these days is !


Read part 2 – Punjabi music is all about beats !


While reading testimonials of people on Orkut, i always wonder how people can manage to write those sugar coated words and sentences. I tried it so many times but my little knowledge of English seems to end where that sweetness starts 😉 . Anyways nothing much against it, i actually enjoy reading all that stuff. Just a thought that how people do that 😀 .

Old friends…

After dinner i went for a walk and thought about calling a school time friend whom i haven’t talked to since last 8-9 months. Oh man i don’t know how fast did that 1 hour go. we talked so much of old stuff. Our classmates, teachers, tuitions taken together and so much. It has been 10 years since i left the school. And it took us a while to recall the names of all the guys and places they belonged to. So much of fun collecting those old beautiful moments. Came to know about some other folks like what they are doing ? Some of them are married and even have kids :). It was a wonderful sweet 1 hour. Made my day !

Ahmed Faraz

Today morning i opened my laptop and was checking BBC website and the first news was the great poet Ahmed Faraz is no more 🙁 He died after a protracted illness.

His ghazal ranjish hi sahi… rendered by Mehdi Hasan became a masterpiece. Faraz once said that Mehdi has sung it so beautifully that now it belongs to him. He will always be remembered for his great poetry.

May his soul rest in piece. Here are few links to his poetry on one of my blog and

ki Punjabi bolan da matlab… ?

kuch lokan di sochni eh hai k punjabi bolan da matlab hai dooji bhashavan (sab ton agge na aaunda hai Hindi da) nu pare karna hai…par nahi…eh bahut waddi galat fehmi hai…na samjhi hai…punjabi bare lokan nu aware karan da matlab eh nahi k tusi hindi nu chaddo…ehda matlab eh hai k jithe 2 punjabi khade ne oh aapis ch punjabi bolan…kyo k uhna dona di madari zubaan punjabi hai…je oh hindi ch gal karan tan eh sharam naak hai…jithe dooja banda punjabi nahi hai..uthe tuhanu kise common bhasha ch gal karni payegi & uhde ch koi problem b nahi hai…

main aj kal dekhi ch reh riha…ethe zyada log hindi bolan/samjhan aale milange…and mainu koi mushkil/takleef nahi hai hindi bolan ch….par je main punjab javan te uthe ja ke hindi bolan…eh te sharam di gal hai na ?

naale ik hor gal…shayad thonu thodi aaukhi lagge….par eh jihde lok punjabi chad k hindi bolde ne…eh sakke hindi de b nahi….mahol karke ya padai likhai kake…angreji ehna di wass ch nahi….nahi te ehna ne hindi chad ke angreji te a jana….

ki khiyal ne tuhade ?

ki punjabi sikhan di boli hai ?

(main kuch cheezan pehla e sapashat kar dian…main kise religion ni changa mada prove karan lai nahi likh riha….eh oh cheez hai jo main notice kiti….te suni hai…te naale eh punjabi boli naal related hai es lai…dooji gal panje ungalan ikko jehian nai hundian…so exceptions are always there…… offenses intended…)

shayad bahut controversial topic hai…par bahut suni sunai gal hai…kehnde punjabi sikhan di boli hai ?

khair main apni gal te aavan…tusi ik cheez notice kiti ? je nai kiti te jaroor dhiyan deiyo…punjab ch kinne non-sikh ghar ne jinna ne punjabi akhbar lavaya hai ? angreji nu te chad deo…sab de hindi lagia hona….hun ethe kehan aale eh kehange k punjabi akhbaran ch te kuch aaunda e nahi…uhna de ghare akhbar pata kihda lagia hunda ? punjab kesri ! hun main sharat la ke keh sakda k punjabi de sare akhbar (jagg bani nu chad de…main te uhnu hindi ch e ginda….) punjabi kesri naalo te change ne…

main pichli post ch gal kiti c tv baare…fer ohi gal duhra riha…sikh parivaran nu chad deo…..baki non-sikh gharan ch kinne k dekhe jande ne punjabi channels ? una nu te number ni pata hunda k punjabi channel aaunda kihde number te hai ? hun dasso ehdi ki explanation hai ?

hun gal karde a ghar ch cassetes di, CDs di…non-sikh gharan ch kinni wari tusi dekhia k koi punjabi cassete,CD dekhi hove ? mostly hindi movies diyan albums milangian….same haal cars da hai…uthe b…ehda ki jawab hai ?

khair main te gal karti…jo mainu laggi…hun tusi meharbaani karke doonge dil ton sochio jaroor te meri ik request hai k comment jaroor likhio tan ke sab de doonge dil de vichaar jaan sakiye asi….

thanks for your time…


sade ghar TV bahut late aya te fer b cable nahi balke free wali dish jihde ch enne zyada channel nahi hunde…par sade ghar jadon b koi TV on karda tan sab to pehla jihde b punjabi channel ne oh la ke dekhda k ki a riha…so meri te aadat hai punjabi channel vekhan di…(bahut sharam aaundi hai…eh dassna painda….k haan main punjabi channel vekhda haan…..)

so ese aadat karke ya punjabi prati kuch moh hon karke main agar kise de ghar ja ke v tv dekhan te remote mere hath ch hove tan hamesha main koi na koi punjabi channel la ke baith jana te mainu pata mera taste mada nahi hai..hamesha main koi changi cheez hi vekhdan…te sare loki bade hairaan hunde ne…te kehnde b ne…k ehnu hor kise channel da nai pata bas ahi 3-4 channel e pata ne ehnu….

ki eh enni buri gal hai ?

aksar main dekhia…lok apne ghar punjabi channel chalaun to jhijkade ne…kuch lokan da eh kehna hai k punjabi channels te kuch changa nai aaunda…vekhan yog nahi hunda…fer pata oh ki vekhde ne ? MTV ya V…oh bahut changa hunda ? kise ne MTV Roadies vekhia hove ? har ik ne vekhia hona mere hisaab naal..uhdi bhasha suni hai…har 1 min wich 5-7 akhar mute kite hunde ne…te asi te bache haan na ? sanu kihda samjh aaundi hai oh ki hunda jihda mute kita janda ?

ethe mera matlab eh nahi k angreji gand chad ke punjabi gand dekho…gal nazriye di hai…te naale punjabi channels te b kuch changa aaunda hai….jihna lokan bare main gal kar riha….oh eh b nahi dekhde….

ki khiyal ne tuhade ? kasoorbaar kaun hai ? kuch gallan hor b ne…par oh main agli post ch likhunga…ik wakhra visha hai oh…

apne comment jaroor likhio….