Shit man

This is a shitty post. I mean literally.

I have heard many times that once Jamsetji Tata was denied entry to some luxury hotel by the English. Frustrated at that he promised that he will create similar class of hotels and he did; this Taj Hotels thing.

This rant is mostly about 5* hotels in India including Taj. Why they don’t have this jet thing in the toilet ? They do know that Indians use that. Right ? Even the Taj ones don’t have. So what the heck that frustration was for ? To create something the way English use it ? Eh…Cool !

BTW any clues why they don’t have it ?

So what makes Google Search–Reunion ad click ?

The new ad by Google called “Google Search – Reunion” has almost gone viral in both India and Pakistan. It shows two friends, now in old age who were separated during partition meeting again due to the efforts by their grand children and use of Google search and other options in Google.


What I am wondering about is what really makes this ad click ? Given that these two countries have been in a bitter relationship since almost 1947, what exactly people are liking in this video ? Are there some deeply buried emotions or this is just an instant reaction to a nicely made video ? Not trying to be an idiotic critic but just an angle that must be given a thought, at least.

Here is the link to the same video on Vimeo as Youtube doesn’t work in Pakistan.

naha ke khoon mein aai thi fasl-e-azadi

Call me moderately patriotic or not patriotic at all but I am not the one who would post “proud to be Indian” and “Jai Hind” messages on 15 Aug and then on the very next day would be jumping red lights and throwing garbage on the road out of the window of my AC car.

Well….my TL on Twitter and FB is already full with one-day-patriotism messages pictures .

Anyways lets not get into all that.

This day 15 Aug, every year reminds me of two poems that very aptly describe the history and the present. One of them is Faiz sahab’s yeh daagh daagh ujala

Ye Daag Daag Ujala, ye Shab Gazeeda Seher
Wu Intizar tha Jiska, Yeh wu Seher tu Nahin
Ye Wo Seher tu Nahin Jiski Arzoo lay Kar
Chale` Tey Yaar Kay mil Jaigi Kahin Na kahin

This tattered raiment of darkness
This sputtering of dawn.
This is not the dawn that we had hoped for.
This is not the dawn we had set out for.

(Text and translation from here)

It really describes the disappointment of someone with hopes of making it big after we got the independence.

The other one is Ali Sardar Jafri’s kaun dushman hai which so aptly explains the you-are-my-enemy situation between India and Pakistan. These two countries separated at birth has almost been at war with each other since the very day of independence.

ghulam tum bhi the yaroon,
ghulam hum bhi thhe

Naha ke khoon mein aayi thi fasle azadi
Maza to tab tha ki milkar ilaaj e jaan karte

khud apne haath se tameer e gulsitan karte

hammare dard mein tum, aur tumhare dard mein ham
shareek hote to jashne aashiyaan karte

Tum aao gulshan e Lahore se chaman bardosh
hum ayen subah Banaras ki roshni lekar
Himalaye ki hawaaon ki taazgi lekar
Aur iske baad ye punchhen kaun dushman hai.

Recited by Muzaffar Ali

This is the truth about the situation that India and Pakistan has seen since the day of of freedom. This place would surely have been a much better place had this enmity not been there.

This freedom (for India & Pakistan) didn’t come for free. There were people who fought for it, gave their lives in youth. Best years of their lives were spent struggling to get this land freed from the foreign rulers. Their struggle gave us this freedom but it came with India getting partitioned into two nations India & Pakistan. Millions lost their homes even lives in this process of division. Punjab was the worstly affected state. I am not sure if we can say whose mistake it was but for sure all those people who had to migrate from one side of the border to another lost everything in this process and because of no fault of theirs.

On this day we must remember and pay respect to the people who fought for the freedom struggle and then the millions who lost their lives because this country was being partitioned. Sadly the newer generation doesn’t really understand what happened at that time. But as Manto said it is very important to understand and realize what went wrong in those days so that we don’t commit those mistakes again.

With the hope that the clouds of violence and injustice fade away soon here is wishing you  a very Happy Independence Day !

Zindabaad Murdabaad

We are in Delhi, attending a Sufi music festival and a singer abc from some xyz country is singing Bulle Shah’s poetry “tere ishq nachaya kar ke thaiya thaiya”.

Some hooligans get on to the stage and start raising anti xyz country slogans and obviously the performance is disrupted and the scene is totally different now.

Who could do such a stupid act at a Sufi music festival ?






I think most of you would have guessed the country by now. Let me tell you the event and singer’s name: Sanam Marvi singing at Sufi Sindhi festival. And those murdabaad torch bearers were Shiv Sainiks. (Here is the link to the piece of news in Hindu)

They are well known for all such things but I seriously don’t understand the point of disturbing a singer’s performance even if she happens to be from the country which we don’t have a very good relations with. Personally there are things from Pakistan that disappoint me but those policies and all are governed by establishment not singers.

Honestly to my surprise she started singing again once they were driven off the stage by the event crew folks. Earlier she was sitting but now she was standing and sung few songs. The performance lasted for an hour or little more but obviously they had spoiled the scene !

What crap !

But I do have a suggestion that I posted on FB last night:

“Our govt must create a new regiment in the army where only Shiv Sena walas will be allowed to join. And then that regiment should guard our international borders with Pakistan and China.

Lets use this blood that boils so much !”

So what is wrong and what needs to be done ?

Quite literally everything…I repeat every damn thing is wrong in this country !

The defunct law and order system: In general system the law and order system is totally defunct. The criminals are no longer scared of what their fate is gonna be after the crime ? One can easily get away after committing a heinous crimes like murder or rape.

The police: The police no longer works for the common man or the sufferer. I have a personal experience of dealing with Delhi Police (in the capital of India…you hear ?) while trying to get an FIR registered for a theft. No one is ready to listen to you; NO ONE. The misery and helplessness you are made to feel at police stations is beyond the expression in words. In such a scenario where one can go for help ? There is no need to mention how the police will behave in case someone from an influential background is involved in the crime.

Judiciary: Judiciary has turned out to be the absolute disappointment. Lakhs of cases are pending in the courts. Judges, lawyers, eye witnesses everyone can be bought for money and in such a scenario you can hardly hope for any justice. Even one manages to file a case, the trial goes on for years resulting in even more suffering. Remember Surjit Patar’s words ?

Es adalat ‘ch bande birakh ho gaye,
Faisle sundeyan sundeyan suk gaye
Aakho enha nu ujjade gharin jaan hun
Eh kado teek ethe khade rehange

Such is the state of our judicial system.

Today’s generation: We do talk a lot about helping someone if he/she is in trouble. But reality tells a different bit. You see something happening on the road and try to get involved in that. There are pretty much chances that you yourself are going to be injured, killed or something like that. We have already seen cases where someone challenged few youngsters who were eve teasing a girl and that poor man has to pay with his life. Such shameful and horrible incidents set a different tone and everybody tries to walk away even if he sees something happening around.

The sick mentality of this society: One of the most important points is the sick mentality of the society especially MEN. I don’t want to write much on this topic. That saying “All Men are dogs” explains it all.

Women’s portrait in the media: Our media, newspapers, magazines, movies have left no stone unturned to portrait woman as a bodily object of pleasure that can be used as man wants and then thrown away. That is what most of the movies and music videos present. Result of all that is that we are at this stage !

So my friends this is where we stand today ! I can just hope that we head towards betterment. Nothing more to say. If the scenario remains the same, you already know what the future is gonna be like Sad smile .

I am sorry girl…

I shuddered with horror after reading what this poor girl has to go through. She was a brave girl and fought very bravely. But today she lost the fight and is no more with us.

We all are responsible for your death girl. We are all ashamed of

being part of this society,

being mute spectators of the injustice happening around us,

being part of this impotent system,

choosing this impotent government that can’t protect us.

May your soul rest in peace !

And I am not sure where “God” is at this moment ? As Nasir Kazmi said

oh mere masroof khuda,

apni dunia dekh zara


One thing that always gets ignored while talking about India’s independence is the partition of India. It was the largest displacement of people in the 20th century. The state worst affected by this was Punjab. It was divided into two parts and a large displacement of Muslims to Pakistan and Hindus & Sikhs to India started. Result was that an uncontrolled bloodshed followed. The unfortunate thing is that today’s generation hardly understands what exactly happened during those times. Even Punjabis don’t understand what exactly partition meant ? A friend sent me the link to this poem by a young Pakistani poet Afzal Saahir that describes the pain of the people who had to leave their homes and move to a complete new place. They could never forget the pain of leaving the place of their childhood and youth. In the poem Afzal talks about similar emotions.


Also the amazing kaun dushman hai by Ali Sardar Jafri

ghulam tum bhi the yaroon,
ghulam hum bhi thhe

Naha ke khoon mein aayi thi fasle azadi
Maza to tab tha ki milkar ilaaj e jaan karte

khud apne haath se tameer e gulsitan karte

hammare dard mein tum, aur tumhare dard mein ham
shareek hote to jashne aashiyaan karte

Tum aao gulshan e Lahore se chaman bardosh
hum ayen subah Banaras ki roshni lekar
Himalaye ki hawaaon ki taazgi lekar
Aur iske baad ye punchhen kaun dushman hai

(Taken from here)

Trained India !

While reading editorials one thing that always strikes my mind is that what part of it is close to truth and what part is just what the writer thinks. A week back or so i read an article in Times of India and it just made me almost go mad. So to release some frustration 😉 and comment on what the reality is, thought of writing a post. I am just taking quotes from the article and posting comments on them. Your comments are welcome ;)

Back in 2002, India claimed to produce 350,000 engineers per year. But this included “diploma engineers” who were not true engineers at all. India actually had only 102,000 real engineering graduates in 2002. This went up to 222,000 in 2006 and may be double that in 2011.

Yes ! That was dependent upon number of colleges. When IT was booming after recession in 2004, Comp Engg was a hot cake so Engg College an awesome business. That is what gave rise to opening of engineering colleges like karyana shops.

India does have some excellent engineering schools, but McKinsey estimates that only 25% of Indian engineering graduates are good enough to work for multinationals (and only 15% of finance graduates and 10% of those with degrees of any kind).

Yes true again because these are not collegses. There are currency printing shops. They are charging high fees and collecting some good money. Who cares about the quality and standard of the education provided ?

Yet in 2007, India’s five largest IT services companies added 120,000 engineering jobs, and IBM and Accenture added another 14,000. Pharma R&D companies boomed. And foreign car companies made India an export and R&D hub to capitalize on its engineering skills.

Because the IT work was being outsourced to India like anything and Indian companies needed to show employee strength to catch those projects. They needed the head count and the easiest way to get that was to go to campus and hire masses.

In recruitment, Indian companies stopped looking at resumes. Good resumes often reflect an ability to write good resumes, not real skills. Instead, Indian companies put applicants through psychometric tests and rigorous interviews to identify general abilities and aptitude, rather than specialized skills. Instead of hiring only from elite engineering colleges, companies like Infosys and TCS recruited from second- and third-tier colleges, and also from arts and science schools.

Bullshit ! Perhaps, except top institues like IIT and others, where else the graduates know how to make their CVs. Almost all of them look the same, talking about some small projects done there and other academic details.

Multinationals preferred to recruit people with established skills. But Indian companies realized that recruits had to be trained from scratch. Many companies virtually became universities, employing hundreds of trainers.The Infosys Global Education Centre at Mysore trains 13,500 people at a time. For arts and science recruits, TCS provides an additional three months of training. In all, many recruits get four to seven months of training before starting work.

So, as per the author, this is the real juice but in reality its such a superior quality bullshit that you won’t believe it. First thing, only biggies can afford to send people on tranings for months (And boy that has been reduced to 1/3 or less, in the name of cost cutting). Second important thing is that in which company people are trained & made to work on the same technology ? Whatever little i have come across in 6 years of my careers is that A is trained on Technology X, made to work on Y; B is trained on Y made to work on Z; C is trained on Z, made to sit on bench. Where the heck do you see that knowledge grabbed from the tranining being used ? Its almost nowhere. And id you saw it somewhere, that must be accidental.

This would be impossibly expensive in the West. It is economic in India. Thus, low-cost training has been transformed into an international advantage, giving India a competitive edge in high-tech exports.

Cheap labor ! Thats it !

Training is a continuous process, not just in technical issues but also in management skills, quality consciousness, communications, foreign language and personal-effectiveness skills. Companies commonly mandate one to four weeks of yearly training. The career development and salaries of staff are linked to skills acquired from training. Mentorship by senior executives is another key Indian practice. Cadence India has a “leaders-as-teachers” program: every manager must spend one to two weeks teaching internal classes. Even the CEO is not exempt.

What the heck ?

Managers are groomed through fast-track programs for the best-performing employees, who then get preference for promotion. Once, Indian companies desperately sought foreign-returned managers. Today, they can find better talent locally. Returnees from abroad can have a hard time getting a good job.…

Employees get reviewed at the end of every project and are prescribed training if found to have weaknesses. Mechanisms such as 360-degree reviews (wherein you review your bosses and peers) and balanced scorecard reviews are widely used.

360 degree reviews ? Dude say something against your manager and see your rating. You would come to know what this 360 degree shit is !!!

Managers are evaluated on a variety of non-financial measures, including employee satisfaction, attrition rates and mentoring.

Another factor that is missed is that how much a manager can butter his boss !

The software industry complains of a high attrition rate — up to 30% employees leave every year. But this means that companies end up training people not just for themselves but for the whole industry. That is one more secret of India’s success.

Money dude ! People can get good money by changing jobs every year. So that drives the attrition rates !

Enough of crap. No more energy left in me. So leaving it here for your judgment considering what the reality is !

And see; this article was published in Times of India, India’s so called No 1 English newspaper. And someone who is not aware of the actual situation in Indian IT would think that don’t know what kind of high-tech rocket making India was into 😉 .