Bombay rains

This is from Facebook memories of this day in 2013 when i was stuck in Bombay rains!

Oh boy…Bombay’s first rain and i am part of it ! Rather stuck in it !

Keeping in mind that my flight is at 2 am, i booked a cab for 10 pm. 4 hours are good enough. Right ?

Then it started raining at 7 in the evening and still raining till 10. The taxi guy didnt turn up. Called all taxi walas and as expected nothing is avlvl.

Luckily got a local guy who also had to come towards airport side. Finally rain stopped after 10 and we came out to look for some auto or taxi. Long queues of ppl everywhere looking for some taxi or autos.

Finally the mode that we mostly ignore : local bus. Changed two buses and it took about two hours…but here i am at the airport in time.

All thanks to the local guy who knews the bus routes and everything otherwise i would have been sleeping in ofc probably !

Best of online Ghazal radio stations

With the invention of Television in the past and the internet recently the traditional radio has died a silent death. The shape that it still exists in is FM radio. But unfortunately, the quality of stuff that these FM channels broadcast is mostly trash. If you are a poetry/ghazals lover, these 2 online channels broadcast some brilliant stuff. Check them out.

Mirchi Mehfil –

Radiocity Ghazal –

Apart from these two, FM Gold channel of All India Radio broadcasts (in NCR, not sure about other cities) a ghazals programme called “Andaaz-e-bayaan”  in the evening from 5:30 to 6. You can listen to it on FM radio (106.4 in NCR. So now they swapped the frequencies. This program is broadcast at 101.1 same time), online at or through mobile apps

us ka apna hi karishma hai

us ka apna hi karishma hai fusun hai yun hai
yun to kehne ko sabhi kehte hain yun hain yun hain
(fusun – magic)

jaise koi dar-e-dil par ho sitaada kab se
ek saya na darun hai na barun hai yun hai
(dar-e-dil – door of heart, sitaada – standing, darun – inner, barun – outer)

tum ne dekhi hi nahi dasht-e-wafa ki tasveer
nok-e-har-khar pe ik qatra-e-khoon hai yun hai
(dasht – desert, khar – thorn, qatra – drop)

tum muhabbat mein kahan sood-o-ziyan le aaye
ishq ka naam khird hai na junoon hai yun hai
(sood-o-ziyan – profit & loss, khird – intellect)

ab tum aaye ho meri jaan tamasha karne
ab to dariya mein talatum na sukoon hai yun hai
(talatum – dashing of waves)

naseha tujh ko khabar kya ki muhabbat kya hai
roz aa jata hai samjhaata hai yun hai yun hai
(naseha – preacher)

shayri taaza zamanon ki hai may’maar Faraz
ye bhi ik silsila-e-kun-fayakun hai yun hai
(may’maar – builder,architect, kun-fayakun – “be” & “it is”. Google for the detailed meaning )

Today is 16th August

I planned to write this post on Independence day but then laziness took over and I dropped the idea. Then in the evening, I went out to get some groceries and this idiot jumping the red light in his big car again inspired me to do it.

Anyways let’s get back to the point.

Like every year, this independence day also social media was flooded with patriotic messages. It looks like such a good scene but the unfortunate reality is that this whole drama lasts only for a day. Today is 16th Aug and everything is back to normal again. Actually, we are a hypocrite nation. Probably have always been one. Loving the country for a day can solve any problems? No. Remembering the national anthem by heart can solve any problems? or can make someone a better citizen? No. To be honest I don’t remember the national anthem of India but I know for sure that I am a better citizen than many of the people around me. And I also know how many of them pretend to be such patriots but what all they have been up to in their lives. Was just wondering that instead of displaying these one-day emotions how about:

  • Just being good citizens and honest all the time. With everyone, not just 10 people around you who you think can be of some use for you some day.
  • Not indulging in all the unfair means to gather more money.
  • Not jumping red lights even if there are no traffic cops deployed.
  • Being nice to guys who work at your homes; maids, servants.
  • Being nice to your neighbors irrespective of whether they can be of some use to you some day or not.
  • Not being drunk beyond limits and then driving on the roads.
  • if you are a person holding a position of power; not making use of it to any unfair personal advantage.
  • If your father is holding a position of power; not treating everyone else like shit and not telling every govt official you come across “You don’t know who my Dad is?”
  • Keeping in mind the inconvenience small acts like not parking your car properly may cause for others.
  • Not throwing the empty water & beer bottles and food packets bags on the roads by rolling down the windows of your Merc and BMWs.

Looks difficult. Right ? No worries. We always have the other option to cram the national anthem and post patriotic messages on Facebook on 15th Aug and 26th Jan.

Cheers !

Enabling Helium backup for Redmi phones

If you have ever used Helium app (earlier called Carbon) on android to backup/restore apps/data you would be aware that on non-rooted phones that app needs to be enabled first by connecting your phone via USB cable to your computer running Carbon desktop app. For most of the phones you need to choose the PTP mode after connecting the USB cable and the Helium app gets enabled on your phone. Somehow this doesn’t work for Redmi phones (running MIUI). There you need to choose MIDI mode. I did it last time but had to struggle this time again. I was trying with PTP and it was not working. Thought of documenting it.

BTW i wanted to backup/restore messages from Moto X2 to Redmi Note4. Helium didn’t do the job this time. Both the backup and restore operations were successful but it actually didnt restore the messages. I installed MI Mover app on both the phones to get the job done. That was pretty smooth.