Ladki Punjabi hai

After I came out of Punjab, I was met with a new caste(caste or what ?)-describing-terminology “ladka/ladki Punjabi hai”. No such thing was there in Punjab. It was Jatt/Ramgarhia…in Sikhs, Pandit/Baniya/Khatri… in Hindus and so on. It was after coming to Delhi that i heard about this new thing that ladka/ladki Punjabi hai. What annoys me the most is that everybody living in Punjab is a Punjabi so what this classification is ? For me, to best of my knowledge being Punjabi means you/your ancestors belong to Punjab. Let it be a Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, Christian or anyone else. So what does this definition mean ? Can someone shed some light ?

Update: To clear the confusion, if any, I don’t want to highlight any caste or anything like that. Just wanted to know what exactly people mean by this ?

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