silsile tod gaya woh sabhi jaate jaate

Wonderful poetry by Faraz saab.

silsile tod gaya woh sabhi jaate jaate
warna itne to marasim the k aate jaate

shikwa-e-zulmat-e-shab se to kahin behtar tha
apne hisse ki koi shama jalate jaate
(zulmat=darkness, shab=night)

kitna asaan tha tere hizar mein marna jaana
fir bhi ik umar lagi jaan se jaate jaate

jashan-e-maqtal hi na barpa hua warna hum bhi
paabzoolan hi sahi naachte gaate jaate
(maqtal=place of killing, barpa=start, paab=feet, zoolan=chained)

uski woh jaane use paas-e-wafa tha k na tha
tum Faraz apni taraf se to nibhaate jaate
(paas-e-wafa=respect for love)

Here its, in Faraz saab’s own voice:

One more by Noor Jehan:

And the same done by Naseebo Lal in a live show:

9 thoughts on “silsile tod gaya woh sabhi jaate jaate

  1. Hi Amardeep,

    can you please post the lyrics and the translation for “jo na mil sakay wohi bewaafa”


  2. Hi Amardeep, thanks a lot for posting this gazal. This is great service to an art of decades which is on the verge of dying. Would appreciate if someone can throw some light on jashn-e-maqtal sher. Although transalation is there still not able to relate to it what poet is trying to say.

    • Jashn e maqtal hi na barpa hua warna hum bhi
      Pa ba jaulaan hi sahi naachte gaate jatay

      The festive event of my execution didn’t happen
      Otherwise I would be going there dancing and singing inspite of being feet chained

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