tum ik gorakh dhanda ho

This time a link to the lyrics (& English translation) of a wonderful qawali of Nusrat tum ik gorakh dhanda ho.

Before you start listening or reading, its written by Naaz Khialvi. Read about him here and you would enjoy even more. A masterpiece and Nusrat also did full justice !

Hats off to the legends !

9 thoughts on “tum ik gorakh dhanda ho

  1. Respected Sir.
    Please can you answer that how many books have been published of naaz khialvi?and in which book we can read his famous work “tum ik gorakh dhanda ho”?please do answer.waiting?who are the publishers and which country has these rights?

  2. Aoa….Naaz Khialvi marhoom was my uncle……Now he is dead……..He could not publish any of his book in his life except one i.e. “Saaiyan Vay” it consists of spiritual kafiaan……..His book “Lahu ke Phool” is under composing and will be published soon INSHALLAH…………..May his soul rest in piece….

    • Dear Sir,

      “Tum aik gorakh dhanda ho”
      this is master piece written by Naaz khialvi. after writing this, i think there is no need to written more.
      i want to ask, some people think, its written by Bari Nizami or give some extension. i don’t agree with them but i want to know from you.
      awaiting your reply

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