chale to kat hi jeyga safar…

One of my all time favourite songs. Beautifully sung by Musarrat Nazir. Awesome lyrics:

chale to kat hi jeyga safar
ahista ahista

hum uske paas jate the
magar ahista ahista

abi taaron se khelo
chand ki kirno se ithlao
milegi uske chehre ki sahar
ahista ahista

(ithlao – play with)

dareecho ko to dekho
chilmanon ke raaz to samjho
uthayenge parda haye baam-o-dar
ahista ahista

(dareecho – ?,chilmanon – ?, baam – housetop or roof, dar – door)

yun hi ik roz apne dil ka qissa b suna dena
khita ahista ahista
nazar ahista ahista

(khita – to address)

chale to kat hi jeyga safar
ahista ahista

12 thoughts on “chale to kat hi jeyga safar…

  1. hi i was wondering if you could supply an english translation for this song?? i like it a lot but am not sure of all the words in translation, thank you

  2. Bal,
    Chilman means , sort of blind which cover and make nothing visible. You must have heard, tumhari palkon ki chilmnon mein! Its sort of blinds!

  3. for the meaning of famous ghazals follow my blogs on, and FYI chilman means a screen often used for eyelashs in poetry


  4. 1. Daricha : Its a balcony on 1st floor of a house. Some times it is only a window. however, it is an opening towards outside of house for viewing purpose. If you look through it a bystander will see your upper half only.

    2. Chilmon : It is a blind made of wooden strips and used to cover the Dericha. A person standing behind a chilmon is not fully seen. This word is used to describe anything which does not completely hides and does not complete show.

  5. (khita – to address)

    …. The word here is KHITAB. not khita. you have missed B in the end. It surely means : To address. Khita or Khata means mistake. therefore plz correct.

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